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4,9* (7,000,000)
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Become a significant part of the Featly music universe that unites musicians all over the world!
Take the journey from an amateur musician to a professional stage performer as a part of a real band! Do this by using the best education methods, the cooperative participation of millions of users worldwide, and the unique playful opportunities integral to the beautiful and accessible world of music.

Main functions:
  • Record features with musicians and share them with other users
  • Create your own musical profile and share your achievements
  • Follow amateur and professional musicians from around the world
  • Rate other musicians’ performance as a spectator and musician
  • Play and communicate with everybody using the in-app translator
  • Use tracks recorded by other musicians
  • Form your own band with members located all around the world
  • Receive comments and support from millions of musicians
  • Find yourself a mentor and become a mentor to others
  • Create your own fan-clubs
Music education:
  • Learn to play musical instruments under a study plan that takes into account your music preferences and skill level
  • Use education methods created by world leaders in the music industry
  • Personalise the interface of the training module
  • Get feedback on your progress
  • Explore the history of your favorite genres of music, musicians, bands and instruments by watching the best concerts, interviews and training videos
  • Create and decorate your own virtual rehearsal studio with a unique design and ambience
  • Obtain rewards for your personal and team achievements by playing instruments and use them to decorate your virtual rehearsal studio, open new functions and much more
  • Discover new opportunities of sound effects by leveling in Featly
  • Conduct streams for audience worldwide
  • Choose any of 500+ virtual locations for performance: from the Trafalgar Square to the legendary Woodstock of ‘69, and jam both online and offline.
  • Do online gigs by using the best virtualization technologies that allow you to use the most famous concert venues
  • Invite friends to online concerts and get rewards

What’s new
Bug fixes and performance improvements.
July 19, 2021 the site is up!

Ratings and reviews
4,9 out of 5 No. of reviews: 7 bil.
This is the first time an app let's me find musicians skilled in different instruments: be they guitar or harmonica
My band had our first online gig today on Featly! We chose to perform at the Hammersmith Odeon concert hall and dived into the atmosphere of Ziggy’s last performance in 1973
Dope stuff!!! I created my very own dream virtual studio. Now i play everyday!
It is awesome that the library of tracks recorded by users is updated live. I can use the freshest tunes for recording my songs.
I moved out of town and lost an opportunity to play with my band. Thanks to featly we are able to do live online shows with musicians all over the world at a convenient time.
This app allows me not only play music and get along with different musicians, but also to get the real vibe of being a professional musician by means of profile development as in MMORPGs)))
I used bunch of different apps and services to learn playing guitar but nothing can replace recommendations and advice from real musicians with whom i got acquainted thanks to Featly.
I started and quitted playing music several times for different reasons. In Featly i get support from thousands of users. I have my very own fan base by improving my skills